Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator Game Online Play Free

What is it all about?

You take on the role of a masculine character who is looking for a girlfriend. In the age of high technologies, it is not a problem – you can simply create your girl with AI help! However, the heroine will have some yandere tendencies. You must know what it mean? You will see a caring and loving female who will instantly change her mood into possessive and violent once you show you are not interested in her any longer! You can activate her dangerous behavior at any time, and you can hardly predict this change! Yandere personage is so determined to keep her relationship, that she is ready to kill anyone who can stand in her way. Are you ready to navigate all these complexities even if we are talking about virtual space? Then let’s give it a try. But you should be warned that the outcome is absolutely not predictable. It will depend on your decisions and choices!

Will you escape from the girl?

You will find yourself locked in one premises with a beautiful girl. She looks like a fairy. But step by step, you will notice that sometimes she reacts quite strangely to what you do or say. The thing is that this yandere personage is so obsessed with you that she is ready for insane things just to keep you beside. So what can trigger her rage? Anything! Even a wrong word can transform your beloved girlfriend into a potential killer that will stab you with a knife with no hesitation. So before this disaster actually happens, you must escape. It will be a challenge to persuade your girlfriend to open the front door. If you just simply say you are leaving, she will not let you go. You must invent something to keep her suspicions at bay! So start exploring the location and interact with different objects. You must find a way to get out of here safe and sound. And it will be a deadly quest! Unfortunately, not all players will manage to pass it successfully.

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