Not all simulators are boring, with repeating actions and primitive plot. Some of them offer fabulous adventures and unexpected twists. So if you are looking for a completely new experience, search no more. Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator 2 is exactly what you need. You have definitely played the famous original of this game where your main heroine is trying to kill all the rivals that approach her boyfriend. This time, everything is different, but you will again face Yandere and all dangers it may bring. If your curiosity is strong enough, forget about all precautions and plunge into the game!

A bit about the plot

This time, you do not play for the girl. Your character is a young man. Your hero dreams of a beautiful girl. To make things easier, he decides to use artificial intelligence to create a perfect girlfriend for him. You know the technology can do it without a problem. But is this loving girl what you really want? Wait a little before you agree to this statement. Your girlfriend is Yandere! Do you know this Japanese term? Yandere is a person obsessed with relationships, she is usually jealous and too demanding to her partner. The same story is with your girl – she is too much fond of you. It is pleasing but soon you will want less attention and more freedom. However, the virtual partner does not seem to share your thoughts. You are the only person that exists for her. And she is definitely not happy when you say you want to leave.

Will you escape in time?

Whatever seemed fun just a moment ago turns into a survival. You realize that you cannot leave the room when you want as your girlfriend will simply not allow you. In other words, you are trapped. It is vital to remember that no talks can persuade your girlfriend to change her mind. She will be ready even to kill if she has to. Now you are to pass a really complicated test where you can easily die if you make even one wrong mistake. Your main mission is to escape alive. But the outcome fully depends on your interaction with the antagonist. Do your best to talk to her in a way for the girl not to suspect anything, and, at the same time, develop a strategy to save your life. You will have to mislead the AI technology which will turn out to be a real challenge. Study the environment – you may have enough hints around you. Make correct choices and decisions if you want to successfully pass this trial. Good luck!

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator 2

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