Everyone is talking about AI and its potential. And it would be worth noting that AI possibilities are actually endless and hardly predictable. Do you doubt it? You can even trace this tendency in online games. One of the recent projects based on this technology will easily demonstrate it to you. Are you ready to test it? The game is Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator. This is a story about a relationship with a girlfriend that was created by artificial intelligence. Is this adventure about love and happy end? On the contrary, a lovely story turns into a horror survival in a blink of an eye. It is time to learn more about it! It will be a fabulous gaming experience!

A little about the plot

You play for a male character who dreams about ideal relations. And he decided to approach his dream in a very interesting way. The hero used AI to create a perfect girlfriend for him. If AI can do absolutely everything, it should cope with this task seamlessly too. However, you can never predict all the twists and surprises of using artificial intelligence. And the outcome is quite thrilling – the hero receives a girl personage in a Yandere style. Do you know what this Japanese term mean? It is used to characterize a female that is so obsessed with love that she is ready for the most terrible things. Yandere will do all in her power to protect her relationship, even if she has to kill for that!

Try to remain alive!

At first nothing is wrong or alarming. You are absolutely happy about your virtual girlfriend. She is smart and beautiful but soon, you will discover more about this AI personage. You are together with your girl in a room. But it seems like you are trapped. Your lovely friend makes it clear that she will be upset if you leave. It is pretty clear that this Yandere girl is obsessed! You need to invent something and run away from here before it is too late. But how to do it? Do not forget that the girlfriend is powered by AI and can easily analyze your behavior. She can also predict what you will do next, so the heroine will surely predict you are going to escape. Yandere is furious when something is going to break her relationship. She will risk everything to protect it. She will not stop even if she needs to use a knife and kill you! So your romantic adventure will turn into a terrible survival where you need to think hard to succeed. Can you outperform AI? Give it a try!

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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