Are you an anime fan? Then you are definitely interested in any online entertainment where you can interact with your favorite big-eyed personages. This time, you are invited to have fun in Anigirls Wonderful Clicker. Are you excited? Then let’s learn more about this cool activity. The task is very simple – you have to collect a strong team of cool girl personages by clicking on different cards. It does not sound too complicated, right? But it is more than engaging!

Click and collect!

It is enough to click on the screen to add new cards to your cool collection. Do not forget to tap on gold coins – these will enable you to purchase more cards in the in-game store. The cards are not only decorative – they all have individual powers and characteristics. Once you have two cards alike – merge them in one to multiply the card strength. You can always switch to a multiplayer mode, team up with other players and organize fierce online battles. Activate your strategic thinking to succeed in this fabulous entertainment. The game will be especially interesting for young players!

Anigirls Wonderful Clicker

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