What about enjoying a cool romantic story that is designed in a form of simulator. The plot will take you to a Japanese school where you meet a lot of teen students. Your character is Ayano, a girl who is in love with a boy from the same school. She does not know how to attract his attention and suffers a lot because of it. Moreover, she will have to continuously fight with rivals even if they are mainly imaginary. Are you interested to find out more? Then let’s start playing the game!

What does the protagonist hide?

As it has been already mentioned, the main personage is a teen girl. She is in love but not ready to openly express her affection. At the same time, she is trying to be nice and attractive, hoping that her crush will notice her soon. However, the heroine has distinct features of a Yandere personage. What does that mean? This term usually describes a female character that can become obsessed with her feelings and is not ready to leave her partner freely. Yandere fights for her love until the very end, even if she needs to take extreme measures. Even a murder will not stop the heroine – she will kill without hesitation when she feels it is the only solution. It is really intriguing!

Will you get rid of all rivals?

Main characters visit school literary club. But the heroine is very jealous – the members of the club are mainly nice girls. And Ayano is concerned the boy will be charmed by one of them. So what do? Her Yandere instincts wake up – she decides to get rid of potential rivals. At first, she starts spreading bad rumors about some girls. But when she believes this method does not work properly, you will act differently – you will simply kill your enemies! You will need to plan your crimes with the tiniest details as no one should suspect you. In school, you continue to play the role of an innocent girl. Every time you murder your next victim, you should thoroughly clean the scene from all the evidence. Will you manage with such a challenge where you need to play two different roles? Check it out now!

DDLC Yandere

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