It is a visual novel designed in an anime style. You find yourself in a high school. The plot is focused on a literature club – its members are several nice girls who are fond of poetry and novels and regularly meet to discuss books and authors. But one day their usual setup was interrupted – one of the girls has invited a handsome boy to join their community. And from that moment everything has drastically changed!

Who stands behind these terrible events?

As the story progresses, something really terrible happens. One of the girl commits a suicide. This tragedy leads to other weird things that nobody can explain. All the personages start to behave really strangely if not erratically. Sometimes, the game scares the player with horror elements! However, the development of the story fully depends on player’s choices and decisions. You can never guess how this all will end up personally for you. Not all outcomes are positive. Some are quite unhappy. How will the game finish for you? One thing is sure – you will gain an unforgettable emotional experience!

Doki Doki Literature Club

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