If you are looking for a new horror gaming experience, here you are – try The Karaoke Horror! This is a story that will make you forget about everything else for a while. The main characters are two girls who just wanted to have some fun in a local karaoke club after a hard day. However, their plans have been interrupted. One of the girls has lost her keys and needs to return to school to look for them. The other continues her way to the karaoke parlor. But this is when strange start to happen.

Will you manage to escape this club?

Once you are in the club, you will get a strange feeling that someone is watching you. Can it be just your imagination or is something weird stands behind it all. But when you find a dead body, it becomes obvious that your life is in danger! Now you should act carefully and try to remain safe. The game will encourage you to make endless choices. Each your decision influences the further plot development. Are you ready to experiment with the hero’s behavior and try to survive? You will have to go through lots of risk and dangers, but it is more than engaging.

The Karaoke Horror

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