Are you a fan of simulators? This time, you will experience one of the weirdest ones. It is Yandere Simulator, a strange story that happened in the school of one small Japanese town. You never know what terrible things may happen when they are the least expected. This story will immerse you in a strange adventure that starts as a nice romantic story but quickly turns into a terrible adventure with merciless killings. Are you intrigued? Then let’s find out a bit more!

Meet a true Yandere!

The main character of this simulator is a plain student, a nice and sweet girl named Ayano. But when she falls in love with the student of the same school, things start to change. She desperately tries to attract the attention of the boy, but he does not seem to notice it. Moreover, she starts to believe that all girls around him are her rivals. She is so obsessed with this thought that she starts to behave like a real psychopath! She is ready for everything to get rid of imaginary rivals. There are two ways to deal with these annoying girls. Ayano can discredit them by spreading evil rumors. But she will not stop if this method does not bring the desired results. The heroine is ready for some extreme steps to reach her goal and she will simply kill everyone who stands in her way. It is quite unexpectedly that such a fragile girl may turn out to be a merciless killer. But this fully explains the name of the game. Yandere is a Japanese term that is used to describe an obsessed female that cannot control her actions!

Help Ayano to keep her crimes secret!

No one should ever suspect who stands behind these cruel murders. So this is your main task in the game – to help the heroine clean all evidence from the crime scene. You should not leave anything that can connect the personage with these terrible deaths. Moreover, you will need to help the personage to plan each murder thoroughly. These need to be very careful, otherwise, Ayano will be immediately captured. Switch on your fantasy to play the role of an innocent girl and, at the same time, deal with everyone who poses a threat to your future relationship. How long will you be able to hide your actual intentions and the terrible truth? We bet you have never played anything like this – the level of tension is extremely high. Try not to fail this interesting mission! Now the heroine’s fate is entirely in your hands! Do not let her down!

Yandere Simulator

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