This cool game successfully combines rhythm elements and quirky visuals. The game is really fast-paced. And the atmosphere gets even more intense thanks to some horror coloring. So if you love music and thrills, this game will be ideal for you. So you will kill two birds with one stone. Are you ready for an unusual adventure? We warn you – the outcome can be lethal if you fail to follow the rhythm! Don’t you believe it – then it is time to give it a try!

Dance well or you will die!

The story tells about the protagonist who agreed to go on a date with a Chainsaw Man! But nothing was alarming until the very meeting. Then, the hero suddenly discovers that her life is in danger! The opponent will switch on terrible music, making her dance. But you cannot dance as you wish – you must move strictly to the beats. One mistake and you are dead. Are you brave enough for this terrible trial? We cannot promise that everything will work well on the first try. But it is definitely worth trying and testing your agility! Do not worry if you fail the task – take some time for training before you can dance as a pro!

Chainsaw Dance

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