Most of online simulators are devoted to craft and other creative activities. This one sharply stands out from the crowd of other plots. And you need to start playing it to understand it. You will find yourself in a small Japanese town. The events will unfold in the local school, and all characters of this story are students of this school. But you will not think much about study and books. The plot is built around a so-called romantic adventure, which will soon turn out to be quite cruel.

Who is Yandere?

Ayano is the protagonist of this project. She falls in love with one boy from her school and is determined to attract his attention at any cost. However, this task seems to be hardly achievable. However, the heroine is literally obsessed with her romantic feelings. She starts to suspect that other girls from the school are more interesting to the subject of her love. And Yandere decides to act! You may have already asked yourself why the heroine has such a strange name. This name has a very clear meaning – it symbolizes a girl that is ready for anything to protect her love. Even murder is not a sin if it comes to the boy she dreams of.

Help heroine to mask her crimes

Jealousy and uncertainty encourage Yandere to really mad things. Whenever she feels someone gets interested in her imaginary boyfriend – she decides to remove them from her way. One by one, her rivals are found dead in the school. It is the main character who commits all these crimes! But you must help her skillfully mask the scenes of killings. Nobody should link an innocent-looking girl with terrible murders. Will you manage this task flawlessly and help the heroine attract the attention of her crush? It will be unbelievably difficult to play two roles in one! Give it a try to gain a new gaming experience!

Yandere School

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