What about having some fun in a musical game? Do not worry if you have no experience in this genre – the entertainment is so easy and exciting that you will easily learn to produce and mix your own electronic music. So what is it all about? You play for a cute girl, Melodii. One day she was making graffiti in a public place and the police caught her. Now the poor girl is fined! But she has no money to pay off the debt and needs to look for a job. And Melodii decides to become a DJ!

Join the protagonist in endless adventures.

The project is a series of cool mini-games. Each of them will allow you to experiment with a variety of musical instruments, produce sounds and mix them to get new compositions. What is more exciting – you can record your soundtracks and share them with other game fans. Enjoy different music genres – from hip-hop to techno. The main thing is that you are continuously encouraged to experiment. There are no ready-made algorithms to follow – you need to create every melody from scratch. Dive into a world of notes and beats, you will love it!

Scratchin Melodii

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